Socials 8

September 13 – 17This week we looked at the question, “How do we know societies explored?”
We worked through the slide deck below and answered the questions as prompted in the handout.

Students who were away: Please try to answer the questions in the sections titled “The Viking Age,” “The Vikings as Raiders,” “The Vikings as Traders,” “A Viking Raid,” “Exploration and Norse Sagas,” and “Examining Evidence.”

Do your best to provide thoughtful answers, but don’t spend too long on any section if you are stuck! I am happy to answer questions when you return.

DO NOT do the sections titled “Polynesian Exploration” or “Evidence of Long-Distance Travel” – we did not get to these in class, and will work on them next week.
September 20-24This week we finished up answering the question above: “How do we know societies explored?”

Students who were away: please read through the rest of the slide deck linked above, and answer the remaining questions on Polynesian Exploration and Evidence of Long-Distance Travel.
September 27 – October 1This week, we set aside some time to look at the history of Orange Shirt Day and listen to some stories from Residential School Survivors.

Students who were away: please read through this slide deck and watch the videos linked.
October 4 – 7This week we introduced our unit on the Middle Ages.

Students who were away: please research one type of person from the Middle Ages (King, Knight, Craftsperson, Peasant, Serf). Write a “diary entry” about your day, answering the following questions:
– What did you eat?
– What did you wear?
– What did you do for work, and did you get paid?
– What did you do for entertainment?
October 12 – 15This week we began our medieval manor project. In class, I clarified the idea that the castle was just one part of the manor, or village.

Students who were away:
1. Read through the slide deck, examine the pictures, and watch the video (copy and
paste the link provided)
2. Read through the medieval manor project outline. Began your project.
3. We will have two more class periods to work on this project (FRIDAY and
MONDAY). Please make sure you bring your required materials to those classes!
October 18 – 22This week in socials we worked on and presented our Medieval Manor projects.

Students who were away:
Be prepared to present your project (informally – just give us a tour) sometime in the week of your return.
October 25 – 29We spent some time this week looking at religion in the Middle Ages. On Tuesday, we discussed Christianity (ending with “The Great Schism” slide). On Wednesday, we will look at Islam.

Students who were away:
Read and view the videos in this slide deck and answer the accompanying questions (in your handout).
November 1 – 5 This week we are learning about religion in the Middle Ages and The Crusades.

Students who were away:
Read through this information and answer the questions to the best of your ability.

If you know you will be gone Wednesday and Friday:
Complete this activity to further your learning about the crusades.

November 4 – 10
At home, you will continue to explore The Crusades.

Your first task is to complete this activity set up into “stations” – simply read through the information provided and fill out the graphic organizer to summarize your learning.

Next, you have been given a project on The Crusades. Again, you have some choice in how you will complete this project – either by creating a board game or a recruitment poster. The assignment page contains specific criteria on what must be included in your project. Please read through it carefully. You may need to do some additional research to ensure that all elements are completed and accurate.

This link contains some project examples on page three that may be helpful to look at. This project can be completed on a computer or by hand.

This will be due Monday, November 15.
November 15 – 19This week we took a look at some of the innovations from the Middle Ages – or should we call it the “Golden Ages” ?

Students who were away: Please read through this slide deck and watch the videos linked. As you watch, jot down some answers to these questions.
November 22 – 26This week we are learning about the printing press.

Students who were away:
1) Watch this silly video and also this more realistic video (you can skip through parts – it’s a tad long) to gain some background knowledge.
2) Read through this information and answer the attached questions to the best of your ability using the four sources provided.