Socials 8

September 5 – 9This week we discussed how history is constructed and talked about the reliability of evidence and testimonies. We began our first unit of study on the Viking Age.

Students participated extremely well in small and large group discussions – I was impressed!
September 12 – 16We will have a short quiz (about 20 points, 10 minutes) on the Vikings on Tuesday, September 20. The highlighted information here is what you should know for the quiz. This document about famous Vikings will also be helpful (be able to tell me about one of your choosing).
September 19 – 23Use this link to complete your WebQuest:

And this link to complete your map:
Silk Road Maps 2022 – Useful map of the ancient Silk Road Routes (
September 26 – 30This week we will finish up our study of the Silk Road. We will also spend some time learning about the significance of Orange Shirt Day and the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation.
October 3 – 7Students will write a short quiz on TUESDAY (October 4) based on the highlighted information found in their notes.
October 11 – 14This week, students are hard at work building their medieval manors! Here is the assignment page, as well as a research scavenger hunt. Both tasks are due on Friday.
October 17 – 21We have a few students who are away for most of this week. If that is you, you should read through these slides and answer the accompanying questions.
October 24 – 28We will have a quiz on the Middle Ages on FRIDAY, October 28. Please email me if you missed class and need a few pointers for studying!
October 31 – November 4On Wednesday, November 2, we will be hosting a Magical Medieval Morning! Students have been working in small teams to prepare games, food, and entertainment for their classmates. Students should come to school dressed in costume and armed with a butter knife and spoon for our feast!
November 7 – 9This week, we learned about the Renaissance and completed a biography/portrait of a significant Renaissance thinker.
November 14 – 18Students had fun this week learning about the printing press and working in small groups to great a miniature printing press that sound produce an ink stamp. We also started to look at Martin Luther and how his 95 Theses sparked the Protestant Reformation.
November 28 – December 2If you are away on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1: Please complete this assignment.
January 3 – 13The grade 8 students have been working on a first contact case study assignment this week in Socials. A sample presentation can be found here.