Science 7

Date Activities
September 20-24This week we are looking at the difference between solutions and mechanical mixtures.

Students who were away:
Read through the slide deck and complete the exit ticket.
September 27-
October 1
This week we are wrapping up our learning on mixtures. We will have a quiz on Wednesday, September 29.

Students who were away:
In Monday’s class, we read over the outline of the quiz together (take a look at it here). Use the slide deck linked from last week to help you take the quiz at home. Bring it back next week!
October 4- 7This week we are learning about atoms and elements.

Students who were away:
Compete this set of notes using this slide deck. Watch this video on atoms and explore this interactive periodic table.
October 12 – 15This week we are continuing to learn about elements and the periodic table.

Students who were away:
Use this slide deck to fill in this set of notes. Then watch this video and complete this worksheet.
October 18 – 22In science this week, students finished their element trading card project and also completed this activity on the periodic table.
October 25 – 29We are looking at compounds this week! On Monday we learned about what a compound is, and on Wednesday we will complete a “lab” on molecules.

Students who were away: read through this slide deck (Monday) and take a look at this lab (Wednesday). If you have similar supplies (marshmallows, cotton balls, clay, etc.) feel free to make a model of a molecule!
November 1 – 5 We will be examining properties of pure substances this week.

Students who were away: read through our slide deck and watch the videos linked throughout. If you have the materials at home, complete this lab looking at the properties of common pure substances.

November 4 – 10
At home, you will be completing a project on the Chemistry of Cooking! Attached to the assignment are three different recipes. Please choose ONE to make.

First, you need to gather your materials and carry out the recipe. Take pictures of each step – you will need them for part two!

Second, you will be creating a slideshow to show off all of the chemistry that was involved in your recipe. Try to highlight the following ideas:
– Were any of your ingredients compounds? If so, what elements are they made of?
– As you combined ingredients, were you making a mechanical mixture or a solution?
– Did any chemical or physical changes take place? How do you know?
– Plus any other scientific concepts you can think of, like dissolve, boil, solid/liquid/gas, etc.

Here are three sample slides – one for each experiment!

This will be due Monday, November 15.
November 15 – 19Chemistry of Cooking project – extended deadline of Wednesday, November 17.

You should aim for at least five slides and at least five terms connected to the chemistry we’ve discussed in class. Your project will be marked out of 10 accordingly.
November 22 – 26It has been a crazy few weeks in grade 7! This week, students have been working on a research project to look at a compound and its applications in the world.

Students who were away: Read through the assignment sheet and take a look at my example here. This will be due on Friday, November 26 – please email me your poster when it is finished.