Science 7

Date Activities
September 5 – 9We didn’t do much science this week, but we did have fun building spaghetti towers and walking to the Field of Dreams to play some outdoor games with grades 4-7!
September 12 – 16Typing Club login page:
September 19 – 23We learned a lot about climate change this week! We spent time discussing the greenhouse effect, its impact, and evidence of a changing climate right here in BC.
September 26 – 30This week, we will do an experiment to model the greenhouse effect. We will also start some research on how we can reduce our contribution to the greenhouse effect.
October 3 – 6Students began to work on a project (based on their climate change research from last week). They have a choice of doing a group skit or an independent drawing task to present their findings. These projects will be due on Friday, October 14.
October 11 – 14Students finished up their climate change projects on Wednesday, and will present to the class on Friday.
October 17 – 28In science, students created a review in class and we wrapped up our climate change unit with a test.
October 31 – November 4We are starting our second major unit in science this week looking at chemistry. Specifically, we will be looking at elements and compounds over the next few weeks.
November 7 – 18We have been learning about elements and the organization of the periodic table in science. Students have completed some scavenger hunts using the periodic table, and also learned about the history of our knowledge of elements from the one and only Mr. Brandsma!
November 21 – 25Students looked at some chemical compounds this week and built molecules out of Fruit Loops. If you were away on Friday, November 25, please complete this small research assignment. An example of a completed project can be viewed here.
November 28 – December 2We have been learning about the physical properties of pure substances this week, and completed a lab where students analyzed 8 different samples to determine their properties.

We are also working on Genius Hour projects this week. These will be presented in the last week of school from December 12-14th.
January 3 – 6Hour of Code:
January 6 – 10