Math 7

Date Activities
September 5 – 9This week, we very briefly reviewed BEDMAS (order of operations). We will continue to look at this next week, and extend this by learning to add and subtract decimals.
September 12 – 16Typing Club login page:
September 19 – 23This week we learned how to add and subtract decimal numbers. We also introduced multiplying decimals! Check out some YouTube videos from Math with Mr J if you missed these classes.
September 26 – 30This week we will continue to multiply decimals. We will also learn dividing a decimal number by a whole number on Tuesday.

Students will have a math test on Thursday, September 30th. They should be able to add and subtract decimal numbers, multiply decimal numbers, and divide a decimal number by a whole number (all without a calculator!)
October 3 – 7Integer games:
October 11 – 14Students reviewed adding and subtracting integers on Tuesday by playing a variety of games, and will be introduced to multiplying and dividing integer on Thursday.
October 17 – 21This week, we reviewed integer rules and also did some multi-step order of operation (BEDMAS) integer problems. The grade 7s will write a math test to wrap up the unit on Thursday, October 20.
October 24 – 28Official FSA link:
October 31 – November 4After FINALLY finishing the FSA (woohoooo!) we are moving on to a new unit looking at probability. This week, we are focusing on converting fractions to decimals to percentages.
November 7 – 18Students continued to learn about probability, looking at the probability of two events – both dependent and independent. The grade 7s will write a test on Thursday, November 17.
November 28 – December 2We have moved into our last unit before Christmas break – geometry! Students are learning to apply different formulas in order to find the radius, diameter, circumference, and area of circles.