Math 7

Date Activities
September 20 – 24This week we continued to practice adding integers.
We also learned how to subtract integers.

Students who were away:
Watch this video and then try doing some problems from this worksheet.
September 27 – October 1This week we added and subtracted integers with more than two terms in a question. We also introduced rules for multiplying and dividing integers.

Students who were away:
Try some problems from this worksheet and watch these videos on multiplying and dividing integers. Check out our integer rules found here.
October 4 – 7We are continuing to practice multiplying and dividing integers this week. If you need a refresh, watch the videos linked about.

Students who were away:
Please attempt to complete a worksheet on multiplying integers and dividing integers, with help from the video and rule sheet linked in the block from last week.

On Thursday, we looked at BEDMAS problems with integers. Take some time to review the rules of BEDMAS, and then try out this worksheet if you are up for it. (If you are confused, don’t worry – we will review this next week!)
October 12 – 15This week we are wrapping up our unit on integers. We will have a test on Thursday.

Students who were away: try this practice test. The test on Thursday will be the same format, just with different numbers!
October 18 – 22It was so great to have most of the grade 7s back this week! We spent our time reviewing multiplying and dividing by 10s, 100s, and 1000s. We also reviewed multi-digit multiplication.
October 25 – 29This week we are learning to multiply and divide decimals. On Tuesday, we are MULTIPLYING only. We will look at DIVIDING in class on Thursday.

Students who were away: watch this video on multiplying decimals, and this video on dividing decimals. Solve these problems, showing your work on a separate piece of paper. If you will be back in class on Thursday, only do the problems for multiplying decimals.
November 1 – 5This week we are taking the FSA, On Monday, we will take the practice test, and on Wednesday, we will do the online portion of the assessment.

Students who were away: continue to work through the practice FSA linked above. Also remember to complete your weekly math review.

November 4 – 10
At home this week, you will continue to practice adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals. We will work on dividing decimals when we are back together in person again!

Your first task is to create a “fruit salad” by shopping for different ingredients at the (pretend) store. Try to use as much of your $30 budget as possible, without going over – you want to make the very best fruit salad ever!

Your second task is to complete these colour-by-number sheets as a relaxing way to practice decimal subtraction and multiplication. Please do not use a calculator for this, and show your work on a separate piece of paper.

This will be due Monday, November 15.
November 15 – 19 FSA – ONLINE PORTION:
November 22 – 26To finish up our work on operations with decimals, students are working on this Plan Your Dream Vacation assignment!

Students who were away: Please try to complete the assignment and hand it in by Friday, November 26.
December 6 – 10We are looking at probability this week!

Students who were away: Read through this slide deck (only to slide 15 – don’t worry yet about two variables) and complete these worksheets.
January 31 – February 4OODLES!