Language 8

September 7-10This week we focused on getting to know each other and team-building activities.

Students who were away: Please write Miss Guetter an email following the same format as in the A Letter to My Teacher slide deck.
September 13 -17This week we began our unit in personal narratives.

Students who were away: read through the slide deck and fill in the graphic organizer with three topic ideas. Complete a plot diagram for one of those topics. Then, write a simple rough draft of that story (a personal story from your own life!). It should be at least three paragraphs long.
September 20 – 24This week we continued our unit in personal narratives. We focused on descriptive writing (adding details and using our five senses to help SHOW instead of TELL).

Students who were away: please write a second personal narrative – this should be a different story than the first one you told. I am looking to see that you try to use descriptive language in your writing.
September 27 – October 1We spent some time this week learning to write dialogue, based on these rules.

Students who were away: please complete this worksheet, making sure to use the rules for writing dialogue as described.
October 4 – 7This week we are writing our third draft of a personal narrative. On Thursday, we will spend some time choosing one of our drafts to edit, revise, and publish.

Students who were away: please write a third rough draft of a personal narrative. Then, take some time to choose your favourite narrative. Type it up, revising (making it better) as you do so.

Your final copy is due on Wednesday, October 13. It will be assessed using this rubric.
October 12 – 15On Monday, we talked about how media impacts us in our daily lives.

Students who were away: please read through slides 1-7 of this slide deck and fill in the handout and journal entry provided.
October 18 – 22This week we are continuing to look at advertising and social media.

Students who were away: please try to work your way through through the activities in this slide deck and fill in the accompanying handout.
October 25 – 29This week students created a consumer’s profile (based on their own likes, interests, career aspirations, recent searches, etc.) and an advertisement targeted towards them.

Students who were away: please create a consumer’s profile based on you (or someone you know). Based on that information, create an advertisement that would likely show up on that user’s social media. Be creative in how you present you ad – it could be a commercial, something designed on paper with markers, or a digital ad using photoshop, or something else!

Students who were away on FRIDAY: read this article and complete the attached questions.
November 1 – 5Students who were away (Monday): Finish the tasks from our social media handout.

Students who were away (Tuesday): watch this video while completing the attached graphic organizer and assignment.

November 4 – 10
At home, you will continue to explore consumer awareness. I have sent you home with three different assignments; you must choose two to complete. Also complete the Extend Your Learning by choosing one of the tasks suggested. This will be due Monday, November 15.

1) Expensive Shoes – watch the video here
2) Product Returns – watch the video here
3) Clothing Waste – watch the video here

Please also read for an hour total over the next week or so – this could be two half-hour blocks, three 20-minute blocks, etc…
November 15 – 19 We wrapped up our unit on social media this week by creating and sharing PSAs related to consumer awareness.

Students who were away: Connect with you partner(s) and figure out a time next week to film your project at school.
November 22 – 26We’re working on some informational writing this week – specifically, “how-to” or “procedural” writing. We spent a good chunk of time making jam sandwiches, similar to this.

Students who were away:
1) Read through this sample and:
– Underline/Highlight topic sentences of each paragraph
– Circle key transition words and phrases
2) Plan out your own “how-to” paper using this graphic organizer (aiming for 8-10 steps) and type out a first draft. We will be looking at and revising our drafts next week.
November 29 – December 3We are continuing to look at types of informational writing. This week, we are looking at comparative writing!

Students who were away:
We have had excellent attendance this week! If you were out for a day, I will get you caught up on your return.
December 6 – 10We are looking at sentence structure + writing with fluency this week. On Monday, we looked at the difference between simple and compound sentences. On Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be writing and revising our comparison papers.

Students who were away:
Watch this video and then try these worksheets on simple sentences and compound sentences.

If you were away on Tuesday:
Draft your comparative paper, using this graphic organizer to help you plan. Use this example to guide the structure of your paper.

If you were away on Wednesday:
Edit, revise, and email me a good copy of your comparative paper.
January 10 – 14We are starting off the new year with a novel study! This week, we are doing some pre-reading exercises to prepare us for the history behind and themes in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.

IF YOU WERE ABSENT ON THURSDAY: Please listen to/follow along with the first chapter of The Outsiders so that you are caught up for tomorrow.

IF YOU WERE ABSENT ON FRIDAY: Please listen to/follow along with Chapter Two of The Outsiders so that you are caught up for tomorrow.
January 17 – January 21IF YOU WERE ABSENT ON MONDAY: Please listen to / read Chapter Three of The Outsiders, found here:

Choose ONE scene from any of the chapters we have read (1-3). Retell the story from another character’s point of view. Aim for about 1/2 page written. Some ideas include…
– Ponyboy getting jumped from the perspective of one of the Socs
– At the drive-in movies from the perspective of Johnny or Dally or Cherry or Marcia
– Ponyboy coming home late from the perspective of Darry or Sodapop
– Or something else that you can think of!

IF YOU WERE ABSENT ON TUESDAY: Please listen to / read Chapter Four of The Outsiders, found here:

Create a “WANTED” poster for either Johnny or Ponyboy (find some inspo pictures online!)/ Include a description of the character, what they are wanted for, and a reward.

IF YOU WERE ABSENT ON WEDNESDAY: Read Chapter Five of The Outsiders.

IF YOU WERE ABSENT ON THURSDAY: Read Chapter Six of The Outsiders. Write a newspaper article about the church fire, making sure to include the five W’s: who, what, when, where, why, and how. Add a headline and a picture.
January 31 – February 4We will finish reading The Outsiders this week.

On TUESDAY, we finished chapter 10. If you were away, please read to the end of the chapter 10. Then, write a eulogy (the speech given at funeral) for EITHER Johnny or Dally. Write from Ponyboy’s perspective. Make sure you explain why the character was such a good friend, share a specific memory or story about them, and explain why they will be missed.
February 22 – 25STUDENTS WHO WERE AWAY: please log onto your Quill account and work on assignments for a total of 30 minutes (you do not have to complete everything that is assigned, and they do not have to be done in order!)

Quill Login info:
Username: firstname.lastname@parrot-world
Password: Lastname
(the first letter of your password must be capitalized)

Example: rachel.guetter@parrot-world
February 28 – March 4IF YOU WERE AWAY ON FRIDAY: Please type up your spooky story and email it it me. The things I am looking for:
1) Excellent spelling and grammar
2) Clear setting, characters, and plot
3) General writing style – fluency and organization of story
April 11 – 14Personified concrete poetry site:
Hopefully you have your novel at home! If possible, try to read about 1/2 of your novel and complete parts 2 and 3 (the vocabulary and the writing tasks) from the independent novel study project.