Careers 8

September 5 – 9Students were introduced to our unit titled “All About Me” in Careers this week. They worked diligently to create an alliterative name art piece for “THE FRIDGE” and took a learning style quiz to better understand how they learn information effectively.
September 12 – 16Colours Personality Test:
Personality Quiz for Kids:
September 19 – 23This week students focused on learning about “weird, wacky, and wonderful careers.” They did a one-pager on an odd job of their choice, and presented to the class.
September 26 – 30Students will begin a research project on a slightly more realistic career. They will fill in a graphic organizer with their research and present their findings to the class in the form of a PPT or poster.
October 3 – 6Students presented their potential future career findings. Everyone did a great job – thanks, grade 8s!
October 11 – 14This week we will start our unit on workplace safety, starting by being able to identify workplace hazards.
October 17 -28We wrapped up our unit on workplace safety. Students performed some skits and wrote an open book quiz to share their knowledge and understanding.
October 31 – November 4No Careers this week as the grade 8s have some catching up to do in math. 🙂
November 7 – 18In Careers, we have been looking at social media and advertising. We will continue to look at the pros and cons of media usage over the coming weeks.
November 28 – December 2We had some good discussions this week about the “rabbit-hole” of apps like TikTok and YouTube. We’ve also been talking about cyberbullying – why people bully others online, how it is harmful, and why it is difficult to monitor and control. Students have carried these conversations, and I’ve been impressed with their thoughtfulness and maturity.