Bible & Careers 8

September 13 – 17BIBLE
This week we introduced the Gospels and began our study of Mark.

Students who were away:
Read through the slide deck to see what we discussed.

This week we looked at our personal strengths and reflected on what that means for us in school and in future careers.

Students who were away:
Choose three of the following tests to complete:

Then, either complete the graphic organizer digitally (Word or PDF) or write up their results by hand. You may need to conduct some additional research on your results and possible career options!
September 20 – 24BIBLE
We finished reading and discussing Mark 1 this week and began to work on our choice board activities.

Students who were away:
Read Mark 1.

This week we are looking at career clusters, guided by the information found here:

Students who were away:
Complete the research portion of this Career Research Project. We will have one more in-class work period for finishing touches on the presentations next Monday.
The due date is Tuesday, September 29 (if you have been absent, we can talk about extending this deadline).
September 27 – October 1BIBLE
In Bible, we continued to read through Mark 2 and 3.

Students who were away:
Read through this assignment and complete ONE of the options listed based on last week’s reading of Mark Chapter 1.

In careers this week, we finished and shared our career research projects in a “career fair” setting.

If you are done your careers project, check out these sites:

Or begin a “Teach the Teacher” project to earn some extra credit!

Students who were away:
Complete your Career Research Project and send your presentation to me via email.
October 4 -7BIBLE
In Bible this week, we are spending some time in Mark 4.

Students who were away: please read Mark 4 and complete this chart about the symbolism and meaning found in the parables. Complete a reflection from the Mark Choice Board based on something found in Mark 2-4.

In Careers, we took a look at resumes and cover letters. We will also be discussing the interview process and set up some mock interviews in the classroom.

Students who were away: please fill in a cover letter and resume based on the career you chose for your research project. You may be creative and make up some details about yourself if you wish!
October 12 – 15BIBLE
This week, we are taking a look at Mark 5:21-43.

Students who were away:
Read the passage here and watch these videos as recaps (1, 2, 3). Then, write some thoughtful answers to the questions listed on the handout. Visit this website to do some reading that pertains to the second set of questions.

On Tuesday, we introduced workplace safety and then discussed the 3 types of hazards as described in this slide deck.

Students who were away: please read through the slide deck and complete the handout. The first page is an example to help you with the second page, which you can base on any career you choose.
October 18 – 22BIBLE
This week we read through parts of Mark 6-8.

Students who were away:
Read Mark 6, then scan through Mark 7 and 8. Complete a Mark Choice Board reflection on a story or idea found in these chapters (I’ve encouraged the class to focus on a “big idea” for this reflection, such a discipleship or miracles, and to consider how it can relate to their lives today).

This week we reviewed identifying and correcting hazards (from last week). We also discussed WHMIS.

Students who were away:
Fill in the handout using the information provided here. I encouraged your classmates to answer thoroughly, as we *might* have an open book test at the end of the unit!
October 25 – 29BIBLE
Our focus for the week was on Mark 10: The Rich and the Kingdom of God, and Mark 11: Jesus Curses the Fig Tree.

Students who were away:
Read the verses here and complete the attached questions. Watch this video and then complete a reflection (from the Choice Board linked in earlier weeks) based on a story from Mark 10 or 11.

This week we looked at the rights of workers in Canada.

Students who were away:
Read through this comic to learn a little about Madeline Parent and how she fought for change in Canada. Read this introduction and then listen to this audio clip to hear some stories from women working in the 1930s.
November 1 – 5BIBLE
We are looking at some verses from Mark 12 and 13 this week, found here.

Students who were away:
Jot down some thoughts in response to the questions.

November 4 – 10
Continue to start your morning off with journaling and devotions. Some of my favourite places to find devotions are Our Daily Bread and Student Devos.

The Bible assignment gives you choice between 3 options – a podcast, infographic, or newspaper article. Read more about the assignment here. This assignment is due FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 5th by end of day so that this grade can be on your midterm report. Please email me your project and your self assessment.

Choice of project formats:
PODCAST – this platform may be helpful
INFOGRAPHIC – this platform may be helpful
ARTICLE – here are some pointers
(complete in Word or Google Docs)

Your task for the week involves reflecting on emergency procedures. This will be due Monday, November 15.

The first part of the assignment looks at emergency procedures at school, and requires you to jot down some thoughtful answers to the given prompts.

The second part of the assignment has you working on an analysis of your home. Choose a floor of your home to map out (blueprint style but can be done by hand). Try to include as much detail as possible in your drawing. Either by hand or on the computer, write out your responses to parts 2-4, thinking about 4 different emergencies or scenarios that could be encountered at home (fire, earthquake, tornado, flood, intruder, etc.). Include as much detail as possible; aim for a paragraph for each scenario.
November 15 – 19 BIBLE

This week in Bible we’ve been working through a video series titled “Who is Jesus?” by Brody Jespersen. Unfortunately, I do not have the rights to share these videos on this site. If you missed them and are interested in watching them at school, let me know!
November 22 – 26BIBLE

We continued to watch and discuss the series from RightNow Media titled “Who is Jesus?” by Brody Jespersen.
November 29 – December 3BIBLE

We have started a new series on Advent from RightNow Media. Students are reflecting on what the season of Advent means to Christianity, and to them personally. How can we prepare our hearts for the birth of Christ at Christmas, and also joyfully anticipate the second coming of our Saviour?
January 10 – 14In both Bible and Careers, we will spend the next few weeks focusing on the topic of decisions in choices, both through our everyday lives as Christians and also examining the choices made in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton.
February 28 – March 4IF YOU WERE AWAY ON FRIDAY:

Please complete a reflection off the Acts Choice Board of a story from Acts 3-5. Popular choices today included the story of Peter healing the lame man at the temple and the story of Ananias and Sapphira.

Read Acts 8, found at the bottom of this document. Complete a reflection from the Acts Choice Board (found above).
Philip and the Sorcerer – Acts 8
Philip and the Ethiopian
May 9 – 13This week, students were working on a brochure assignment for a specific mental health disorder. If you’ve been away, this will be due on Monday, May 16th.