Bible 8

September 5 – 9This week we spent some quality time getting to know each other. We also introduced our first unit of study in Bible – the Gospels.

I am so thankful for the way this class has welcomed new students and made them feel at home; you rock, grade eights!
September 12 – 16We continued learning about the Gospels this week, and completed a small project that had students comparing and contrasting two of these books.
September 19 – 23We looked at John the Baptist this week, and discussed his role in pointing people towards Jesus. We looked at John the Baptist as a role model through his humility and ability to interact with a wide audience.
September 26 – 30This week, we’ll examine the story of Jesus tempted in the desert directly after his baptism. Students will reflect on this story through thinking of different temptations that today’s teens might be faced with, and selecting some Scriptures that would be an appropriate response.
October 3 – 6In Bible this week, we looked at names used to describe Jesus in the Gospels and how they reveal His character to us. We also looked at the selection of the 12 apostles.
October 11 – 14We are continuing to look at the 12 apostles this week, and will work on an assignment to summarize their stories next week. Take a look at this link for some extra information on the apostles.
October 17 – 28In Bible, we’ve been studying the miracles of Jesus. Students chose one miracle to be an “expert” on and were given the task of re-writing that miracle from a first-person perspective – as if they had been a witness!
October 31 – November 4We are moving on in Bible to look at a second way Jesus taught in the NT – through parables. We will be following a RMN video series, as well as discussing and reflecting in writing.
November 7 – 18If you’ve recently been absent: we are working on this parable assignment, due on Monday, November 21.
November 28 – December 2We had a lot of great discussions this week about how to be “missionaries” in our every day life – at school, with friends, at home. Students made some personal goals about different areas in their life where they will strive to shine the light of Christ.
February 13-16Visit

Read through some of the stories found there. Please note that some of these stories might be difficult to read; carefully consider the headline before clicking. You know yourself best!

Choose three to summarize in one paragraph each; include as many of the 5 W’s as possible in each paragraph.
March We are taking some time to prepare for Easter by participating in a devotional series found on Right Now Media by JD Greer.