Active Living 11

Date Activities
January 30 – February 3 Take a look at our Course Overview!

Please hand in permission forms and fees ASAP so we can start doing some ACTIVE living and learning 🙂

If you missed some classes this week, please make sure your Skeletal System packet is complete and has been handed in using the information found here.
February 6 – February 10Check out these sites on functional fitness:

Practice labelling the skeletal system here for your quiz on Thursday!
February 13 – 16Try this quiz to test your knowledge of major muscles in the body.
The muscular system stations that we looked at in class can be accessed here.

Upcoming events:

Total Fitness – Wednesday, February 15

Total Fitness – Tuesday, February 21
Gym of Rock – Wednesday, February 22 (10am-11:30am) WAIVER

Curling – Monday, February 27 (9:45am – 10:45am)
Total Fitness – Wednesday, March 1

Curling – Monday, March 6 (9:45am – 10:45am)
Total Fitness – Tuesday, March 7
February 27 – March 3A few updates…

We will be going bowling on Friday, March 3rd.

Next week we will be curling on Monday, March 6th and going to STF on Tuesday, March 7.

Students will have a quiz on the muscular system on Wednesday, March 8. They should know…
– The six functions of muscles
– Three types of muscle tissue and an example of where each is found
– Be able to apply terms such as origin and insertion of muscles
– Be able to label the 12 muscles we studied in detail (with use of a word bank)
March 27 – 31

To calculate your macro %…
1. Add up your total grams of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.
2. Multiply total grams of carbohydrates by 4cal; grams of proteins by 4cal; grams of fats by 9cal.
3. Add these three new totals to determine total calorie intake.
4. Divide total carbohydrate calories by total calories, then multiply by 100%.
5. Divide total protein calories by total calories, then multiply by 100%.
6. Divide total fat calories by total calories, then multiply by 100%.
7. Compare your macronutrient breakdown to the recommendations provided. What, if anything, would you change?
April 3 – 6This week, students are responsible for researching a fad diet and sharing their findings with the class. Presentations will take place on Tuesday, April 11.

Our activity for the week is Frisbee! On Tuesday, we’ll play frolf and KanJam on school property. On Thursday, we will bus to the disc golf course and play as many holes as possible 🙂
April 17 – 21We wrapped up our nutrition unit this week, and added on with a few classes on ergogenic aids. Students completed an in-class assignment on blood doping and wrote their unit quiz on Thursday.

On Friday (April 21) we go the the driving range in Canoe!

Next week, we’re hoping the courts are dry for some trips to Klahani Park to play tennis.
May 8 – 12We will be heading back to Klahani for tennis on Wednesday (May 10) and Friday (May 12).

If you are away on Tuesday… use this link to watch a few more sections of the documentary:  

WATCH 38:00 – 42:38

A summary of what happens next in the documentary…
Boston University puts together a team of researchers, headed by Dr. McKee, to study CTE.  Over and over again, they find evidence of CTE (in the form of tau protein) in the brain of NFL players.  They take their research to the NFL, who over and over again denies the connection between football and brain injury.  
However, the wives of former NFLers jump on the side of Boston University.  They start coming forward with personal stories, and take their experiences to the media.  With all the publicity, the NFL commissioner is forced to make some changes – he implements new concussion protocols, donates one million dollars to the Boston University research team.

WATCH 1:24:22 – 1:37:10

A summary of what’s happened since….
In 2013, the NFL settled a lawsuit brought by more than 4,500 former players who alleged that the league concealed information about the risks of concussions and head injuries. The settlement included payments to the players and funding for medical research. In 2022, the Boston University CTE Center studied the brains of 376 deceased former NFL players and diagnosed 345 of them with chronic traumatic encephalopathy. This is 91.7 percent of those studied.

Your Task:
Consider the statement “Contact sports should be banned.” Using the web for research, write three paragraphs that use the following sentence starters:
Paragraph #1: Some people believe that contact sports should be banned because…
Paragraph #2: Others believe that contact sports should not be banned because…
Paragraph #3: I believe that contact sports (should/should not) be banned because…
May / JuneA few fun events coming up!

Wednesday, May 31 Beach Volleyball at Canoe Beach (no swimming as we do not have a lifeguard)
Friday, June 2 Mini Golf at Salmon Arm Go-Karts and Mini Golf
Monday, June 12Paddle Boarding at Gardom Lake (with Mrs. Deveault’s PE class – we will have a lifeguard for swimming!)

And some equally fun dates to note…

Final project presentations will take place on June 6th, 8th, and 9th. We are in the home stretch!